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DOI: 10.1109/TEC.1959.5222693

The COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer(CORDIC) is a special-purpose digital computer for real-time airborne computation. In this computer, a unique computing technique is employed which is especially suitable for solving the trigonometric relationships involved in plane coordinate rotation and conversion from rectangular to polar coordinates. CORDIC is an entire-transfer computer; it contains a special serial arithmetic unit consisting of three shift registers, three adder-subtractors, and special interconnections. By use of a prescribed sequence of conditional additions or subtractions, the CORDIC arithmetic unit can be controlled to solve either set of the following equations: Y' = K(Y cos? + X sin?) X' = K(X cos? - Y sin?), or R = K?X2 + Y2 ? = tan-1 Y/X, where K is an invariable constant. This special arithmetic unit is also suitable for other computations such as multiplication, division, and the conversion between binary and mixed radix number systems. However, only the trigonometric algorithms used in this computer and the instrumentation of these algorithms are discussed in this paper.

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