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DOI: 10.1001/jama.1945.02860500001001

The specific relationship of age to the seizures of epilepsy has been inadequately set forth. Seizures of course may begin at any age between birth and senility, but the incidence of various types of seizures and of various patterns of electroencephalographic seizure discharges is different in children and in adults. A comparison of the clinical and the electroencephalographic diagnoses in 530 children and in 730 adults is calculated from data collected by the Gibbses and Lennox1 and is shown graphically in figure 1. Fortytwo per cent of this group of 1,260 epileptic patients were less than 20 years of age. Yet, of those having only petit mal, 84 per cent were under 20 years. Of those whose electroencephalograms were of the two per second spike and wave pattern (petit mal variant), 80 per cent were under 20 years, and of those with the three per second dart and dome

The publication "THE PETIT MAL EPILEPSIES: THEIR TREATMENT WITH TRIDIONE" is placed in the Top 100 in 1945.
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