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DOI: 10.1063/1.1750115

The investigations reported here on azomethane, CH3·N=N·CH3, N–N′ dimethylhydrazine, (CH3)HN·NH(CH3), and acetaldazine (CH3)HC=N–N=CH(CH3) were carried out primarily to obtain information on the general form and some of the structural properties of these molecules, which are of a type whose chemical behavior with respect to thermal and photodecomposition is of considerable current interest. The properties examined have included the Raman spectra, with the state of polarization of the stronger lines, in the liquid state, and the electric moment in solution of the three compounds; the infrared absorptionspectrum of azomethane vapor has also been investigated to the degree possible with the resolution ordinarily obtained from a rocksalt prism spectrometer.

The publication "The Vibration Spectra and Electric Moments of Azomethane, N–N′ Dimethylhydrazine and Acetaldazine" is placed in the Top 1000 in 1938.
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