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Boosting the margin: a new explanation for the effectiveness of voting methods

One of the surprising recurring phenomena observed in experiments with boosting is that the test error of the generated hypothesis usually does not increase as its size becomes very large, and often is observed to decrease even after the training error...

Pellet: A practical OWL-DL reasoner

In this paper, we present a brief overview of Pellet: a complete OWL-DL reasoner with acceptable to very good performance, extensive middleware, and a number of unique features. Pellet is the first sound and complete OWL-DL reasoner with extensive support...

Social learning and personality development

Julian B. Rotter, Albert Bandura, Richard H. Walters

General competitive analysis

Kenneth J. Arrow, Frank Hahn

Cloning of adiponectin receptors that mediate antidiabetic metabolic effects

Toshimasa Yamauchi, Junji Kamon, Yusuke Ito, Atsushi Tsuchida, Takehiko Yokomizo, Shunbun Kita, Takuya Sugiyama, Makoto Miyagishi, Kazuo Hara, Masaki Tsunoda, Koji Murakami, Toshiaki Ohteki, Shoko Uchida, S. Takekawa, Hironori Waki, Nelson H. Tsuno, Yoichi Shibata, Yasuo Terauchi, Philippe Froguel, Kazuyuki Tobe, Shigeo Koyasu, Kazunari Taira, Toshio Kitamura, Takao Shimizu, Ryozo Nagai, Takashi Kadowaki

Random sample consensus: a paradigm for model fitting with applications to image analysis and automated cartography

A new paradigm, Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC), for fitting a model to experimental data is introduced. RANSAC is capable of interpreting/smoothing data containing a significant percentage of gross errors, and is thus ideally suited for applications...

Statistical analysis of finite mixture distributions

Bruce G. Lindsay, D. M. Titterington, Adrian F. M. Smith, U.E. Makov

Foundations of differential geometry

Shoshichi Kobayashi, Katsumi Nomizu

The Nature of the Firm

Наверное, это самая популярная и удивительная статья 20 в., которая фактически привела к созданию через полвека новой экономической дисциплины...

XtalView/Xfit—A Versatile Program for Manipulating Atomic Coordinates and Electron Density

Xfit is a model-building and map viewing program in XtalView that is used by the structural biology community including researchers in the fields of crystallography, molecular modeling, and electron microscopy. Among its distinguishing features are built-in...

Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution

The first edition of Managing Across Borders was hailed as a landmark book, widely praised for its pioneering insights into the management of companies operating in an international environment. With the introduction of an entirely new organizational...

Principles and practice of sleep medicine

Meir H. Kryger, T. J. Roth, William C. Dement

Systematic identification of protein complexes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by mass spectrometry

Yuen Ho, Albrecht Gruhler, Adrian Heilbut, Gary D. Bader, Lynda Moore, Sally-Lin Adams, Anna Millar, Paul Taylor, Kelly Boutilier, Lingyun Yang, Cheryl Wolting, Ian M. Donaldson, Søren Schandorff, Juanita Shewnarane, Mai Vo, Joanne Taggart, Marilyn Goudreault, Brenda Muskat, C. Alfarano, Danielle Dewar, Zhen Lin, Katerina Michalickova, Andrew Willems, Holly Sassi, Peter Nielsen, Karina Rasmussen, Jens R. Andersen, Lene E. Johansen, Hans M. Jespersen, Alexandre V. Podtelejnikov, E. Nielsen, Janne Crawford, Vibeke Poulsen, Birgitte D. Sorensen, Jesper Matthiesen, Ronald C. Hendrickson, Frank Gleeson, Tony Pawson, Michael F. Moran, Daniel Durocher, Matthias Mann, Christopher W. V. Hogue, Mike Tyers

Introduction to linear regression analysis

Douglas C. Montgomery, Elizabeth Peck, G. Geoffrey Vining

Apolipoprotein E: cholesterol transport protein with expanding role in cell biology

Apolipoprotein E is a plasma protein that serves as a ligand for low density lipoprotein receptors and, through its interaction with these receptors, participates in the transport of cholesterol and other lipids among various cells of the body. A mutant...

Characterization of a 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase which phosphorylates and activates protein kinase Bα

Background: Protein kinase B (PKB), also known as c-Akt, is activated rapidly when mammalian cells are stimulated with insulin and growth factors, and much of the current interest in this enzyme stems from the observation that it lies ‘downstream’...


The effects of initial nitrogen and lignin contents of six species of hardwood leaves on their decomposition dynamics were studied at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Rate constants (k) for annual leaf mass loss ranged from —0.08...

A general regression neural network

A memory-based network that provides estimates of continuous variables and converges to the underlying (linear or nonlinear) regression surface is described. The general regression neural network (GRNN) is a one-pass learning algorithm with a highly parallel...

Synthesis and Activity of a New Generation of Ruthenium-Based Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Coordinated with 1,3-Dimesityl-4,5-dihydroimidazol-2-ylidene Ligands§

A new family of 1,3-dimesityl-4,5-dihydroimidazol-2-ylidene-substituted ruthenium-based complexes 9a−c has been prepared starting from RuCl2(CHPh)(PCy3)2 2. These air- and water-tolerant complexes were shown to exhibit an increased ring-closing metathesis...

Biological effects of essential oils - a review.

Since the middle ages, essential oils have been widely used for bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, antiparasitical, insecticidal, medicinal and cosmetic applications, especially nowadays in pharmaceutical, sanitary, cosmetic, agricultural and food industries....

Advances in prospect theory : Cumulative representation of uncertainty

We develop a new version of prospect theory that employs cumulative rather than separable decision weights and extends the theory in several respects. This version, called cumulative prospect theory, applies to uncertain as well as to risky prospects...

A prospective survey of patients with valvular heart disease in Europe: The Euro Heart Survey on Valvular Heart Disease

To identify the characteristics, treatment, and outcomes of contemporary patients with valvular heart disease (VHD) in Europe, and to examine adherence to guidelines.

Learning and protection of proprietary assets in strategic alliances: building relational capital

One of the main reasons that firms participate in alliances is to learn know-how and capabilities from their alliance partners. At the same time firms want to protect themselves from the opportunistic behavior of their partner to retain their own core...

Incentives in Teams

This paper analyzes the problem of inducing the members of an organization to behave as if they formed a team. Considered is a conglomerate-type organization consisting of a set of semi-autonomous subunits that are coordinated by the organization's head....

Multiple criteria decision making

Milan Zeleny, James L. Cochrane

The Pittsburgh sleep quality index: A new instrument for psychiatric practice and research

Despite the prevalence of sleep complaints among psychiatric patients, few questionnaires have been specifically designed to measure sleep quality in clinical populations. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) is a self-rated questionnaire which assesses...

RNA interference is mediated by 21- and 22-nucleotide RNAs

Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) induces sequence-specific posttranscriptional gene silencing in many organisms by a process known as RNA interference (RNAi). Using a Drosophila in vitro system, we demonstrate that 21- and 22-nt RNA fragments are the sequence-specific...

Burden of Systolic and Diastolic Ventricular Dysfunction in the Community: Appreciating the Scope of the Heart Failure Epidemic

Context Approximately half of patients with overt congestive heart failure (CHF) have diastolic dysfunction without reduced ejection fraction (EF). Yet, the prevalence of diastolic dysfunction and its relation to systolic dysfunction and CHF in the community...

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